The EE Just STEM Scholars Program exemplifies the sprit of Ernest Everett Just, an eminent african american cell biologist, geneticist and graduate (1907 Valedictorian) of Dartmouth College.

“The Program promotes academic excellence, strategies for academic success, a supportive, inclusive and dynamic community of STEM scholars and graduate students, postdocs and faculty mentoring.”

—Professor Stephon Alexander, Director of EE Just Program
EE Just 1907 Professor of Natural Sciences

The sustenance of the Just Program is student-centered, based on student responsibility towards each other’s success.

As first-year scholars, students will work with and be mentored by more advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, post docs, and faculty.

In subsequent years, students will be expected to reach out in two directions, both to the next group of younger students who now occupy her earlier position(s), helping them with their work and to integrate them into the Dartmouth community, and to more advanced students and faculty, who will continue to help her with her work, while making her a more integral part of the community.